Getting similar Transactions(or QueueItems) based on an ID#

Hi - Wanted to confirm if this was possible and if my thought process is correct here. Let’s say we have an RE Framework based process that is going to scrape invoice data and add it into an accounting system. Each line item on each invoice will be a QueueItem (Transaction) to ensure we don’t lose any data and if there is bad data, only drop 1 single line item.

The process currently needs to search an accounting system to see if that specific invoice exists, if it doesn’t we create, and if it does we then want to add all the associated line items with the corresponding InvoiceID# into the system on a different page within an application. Is it possible to configure this from the Process.xaml file?

Currently we are scraping all the invoices into one full Datatable and applying the invoice ID via a column, then processing them one by one but this would mean searching for every single invoice ID each time which is slow in the application. Is there a way to set up a call from the process that upon processing a transaction and either creating or finding the invoice, it then calls all associated line items from the transactions(or queue) and processes them into that invoice, then call a new transaction with a different invoice ID?

I was thinking of creating a flow chart for the process then invoking the first transactionitem (currently a datarow), searching the system based on a string variable contained within a column of the transaction item to see if the invoice exists, then adding an activity in Process that get’s transactionitems based on reference of that InvoiceID but not entirely sure if that’s possible.

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Update for how I’m handling this for now: Before pushing the items to the queue I am sorting them by their parent ID (Invoice ID in the example above), then on the performer project I am getting the transaction item, writing the invoice ID to a temp text file then comparing the value for all the following transactions and using a flowchart decision to process them if they match or not.

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