Need to find invoice number on website


I have a website with thousand of rows coming in a table format extending more than 10 pages. I want to check if a specific invoice number is present in the entire table or not and then also click on the invoice number once found and make some changes and save it.

My concern here is how do I find the page where the invoice number number in the big table of 3000 rows .

Hi @archana.yamijala

You can try this

  1. DataScarpe the Invoice Number and the Link associated with it (Which can be used for clicking the invoice number when found) and store in dt1

  2. Now use lookup datatable activivty to look the value u need to found and it will return the valid rowindex of the datatable dt1 where u can find value of invoice Number you are searching.

  3. then obtain the url corresponding to that invoice number by that rowindex and use it for navigating to the invoice page

This would be faster approach i think

Nived N

Happy Automation

Okay so once the url is found , I can directly navigate to the url in a separate window and click on it?


Hi @archana.yamijala

So when u are datascraping when u are scrapping the invoice number, there is an option to scrap the url too associated with it (this is url to which u will be guided once you click on invoice number manually)

so your datatable has 2 columns mainly:
Invoice Number---------------- URL

So when u find that Invoice number is existing in the datatable using lookup datatable activvity then using the rowindex u got output from lookup datatable activivty u can get the corresponding url

For eg :

Invoice Number--------URL
1234569 --------
4635465165 --------

So u are searching for Invoice No 1234569, using lookup datatable activvity once lookup datatable find that 1234569 is in the datatable then it will output eithrt the rowindex or the cell value value ( target value u need). Here i am rowindex directly to get the url

so u got rowindex as 0 for row which contains Invoice Number 123469

So to get the url u can use the following dt.Rows(rowindex)(“URL”)

This url u can use naviage stage to navigate to the url and do the required operation


Nived N

Happy Automation

Thanks @NIVED_NAMBIAR , I will try out the process on my end .

So I have to click on + symbol at the end of row…So after capturing the invoice number, if I capture + symbol, I will get the url info right

Hi @archana.yamijala

After finding the invoice number, do u had to click on invoice number or plus button to naviagate to invoice?

Click on the + symbol

when u are clicking on the + symbol are u redirected to another page where invoice details are there

no its the same page