How do I extract web scraping data to then automation making a travel booking

Hi, I have a CSV of web scraping that I then want to be able to pick one of the rows from the Excel document to then automate a customer making a holiday booking. The bit I am stuck with is how, I get the info from the Excel sheet, if I want to pick line 16 to automate and then pick line 21 to automate? I have extracted the URLS on the excel document, so Im guessing that I want to go straight to that URl to continue automating the booking?

Ive read quite a few topics in the community, but it doesnt seem to cover what I am trying to do.

Grateful for any help as no idea where to start.

can anyone off any help please.

Hi @lisa.swaine ,

Which row you exactly want to pick, their should be some value on which you want to pick the data ?

If you want to pick xyz record from csv file then you can do below steps

1 - read csv
2 - use foreach row to iterate each row
3 - Use if condition ex - if currentrow(“columnname”) = “xyz” then “steps you want to do” else " "

Hope this will help you.