I need help taking a specific column of data from a webpage and inserting in the corresponding column on an excel spreadsheet

Hi everyone!

I am brand new to this and am testing the capabilities for my employer. I apologize if I am asking too much, but I do not really know where to start. I have been watching how-to videos all day and browsing the forum but nothing comes close to what I need. If you have any advice or can point me in the right direction to how I can figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Basically, I have been asked to automate a process of taking data from a table on webpage (a person’s name, which corresponds to a specific order number), and input that name on an excel spreadsheet, in the row specific to that same order number.

I attempted to record my steps, but I have not been successful. I am sort of at a loss and would love any information you have to offer me. I need to be able to have this do every row on the sheet. Is UiPath capable of this? If its not, then I would appreciate that knowledge as well. I basically need to give my employer an answer of UiPaths capabilities in two weeks.

I appreciate the help!

Try data scraping !! You can see tutorial docs on how to do data scraping. But this is the right feature for your requirement !!

@gcriv2 follow below video link

Automate Web Data Extraction - UiPath Studio - YouTube