How do i extract the text position into x and y variables?

Hello all,
i am using Click OCR text activiy to click a given word given the condtions in the properties, which works. I then use the tesseract OCR to output the result.
My result looks like
Result(0) = [X=4 , Y=11, WIDTH = 14, HEIGHT = 9]

Question is how do i extract the X and Y values from this Result.
As i am wantng to find the word, click the word then click just left of the word, something like (X - 10), a tick box.

Thank you


just an idea - this looks like an array of strings. What if you try to output something like Result(0)(0) or Result(0)(1)? Maybe even add a .ToString at the end

tried both methods and that doesn’t work


is this the output of the Tesseract OCR activity, called Result? In this case, it is a list of KeyValuePair<Rectangle, String> where the key is a rectangle for where the word is found, and the value is the string value read by the OCR engine. To access the Rectangle and get the X and Y for the first word, you will need to do a results(0).Key.X and results(0).Key.Y

Make sure you check the Extract Words option of the Tesseract OCR activity.



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