How to coordinates of text in image

How to get coordinates of text in image Using Microsoft ocr
Need to find Result(IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<Rectangle,String>>)

Please suggest with some example.

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May i know from which activity we are getting this datatype of variable
Cheers @abhiseky93

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@Palaniyappan I am using Microsoft Ocr Activity

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sorry for the delayed response
–once after using microsoft ocr (here i have used Google ocr)
use a for each loop activity and pass the output variable of type microsoft ocr as input and keep the type argument as object
–inside the loop use a write line activity and mention like this
which would give us the coordinates buddy, for the region we have choosen

but make sure that while SCREEN SCRAPPING YOU SHOULD HAVE ENABLED THIS OPTION THEN ONLY we will get the coordinates of each word like this

it worked as well

Cheers @abhiseky93

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Thanks for your instant reply but unable to find Google Ocr there is Google Vision Ocr which has Key can you help me out how can i store

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

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@abhiseky93 Search for tesseract ocr this is nothing but google ocr in older version it was named as google ocr now it is renamed to tesseract ocr

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@indra How to access IEnumerable output variable ? IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<Rectangle,String>> How to declare and get value can you provide some example