RPA Hackathon by Vincix Group - Need Help in Level 2

I am trying out Hackathon by Vincix group and I am stuck in one of question in Level 2.

I have tried reading the string and splitting the string with respect to the space and stored in the string array. I got the last value of string array for which I have to find the coordinates of.
I can’t figure out how can I find the coordinates.
I know I can use Get OCR TEXT but i am not sure how to use it

@Rajat_16 Use Find OCR text position, and assign Output variable(ocrText) to Tesseract OCR. Iterate through the values in the ocrText, you will find the coordinates with the text as a Key value pair.

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Hi @supermanPunch, Im trying to but I’m getting trouble on the same part of getting ocr position, it’s needed iterate the ocr?Can you explain a bit more detailed? Thanks

Use Find children activity,

loop through the images one by one then
Do OCR scrape for each image - once u find the match then get Row No. and Column No using get attribute activity


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Did that but isn’t working :confused:

Hi @mmcruzRPA,

VincixRPAChallengeLevel-2.xaml (17.0 KB)

Please refer this workflow. Go to step 6 in level-2 and test it.


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Thank you so much for your help @kadiravan_kalidoss!
I’m getting error in Get OCR Text, says, value cannot be null.


set “true” value in ContinueOnError Property under Get OCR text activity.


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It’s already true @kadiravan_kalidoss, I put the Get OCR in try catch and now don’t gives error, but now I’m getting from If condition error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

In if condition, please use below statement:

Not string.IsNullOrEmpty(strOut) and strOut.Contains(“table”)


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Yes is the same if inside the workflow you uploaded, I’m testing the workflow you uploaded, but gives error to me :confused:

VincixRPAChallengeLevel-2.xaml (17.8 KB)

For me its working fine, modified few changes in if statement. Please check it out.

Note: Change the word “table” to your text under this statement.




Now I don’t get any error, but don’t receive any output, I will take a more detailed look to this situation.

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I’m having trouble making vincix hackathon level 2, could someone help me with the images, I tried to download the application above but I wasn’t successful

Estou com o mesmo problema acima, alguem poderia ajudar?

I have the same problem as above, could someone help?

Olá Marcelo, você conseguiu fazer o desafio? Poderia ajudar? Saudações brasileiras…

Hi Kadiravan_kalidoss,

Can you help with level 1. How to handle the random popups.