How do i edit the extract meta data selector

Hello Please how do i edit this meta data to pick just two columns only , currently it only scrapes a single column

<extract> <column exact='1' name='Column1' attr='text'> <webctrl tag='tr' /> <webctrl tag='td' idx='4' /> </column> </extract>

here is the table:

and here is what it returns

but i would what it to return column Transaction ID & Docket Text

while working with the wizard we can configure additional columns by defining correlated data. Also have a look here:

@MasterOfLogic Try this

<extract> <column exact='1' name='Column1' attr='text'> <webctrl tag='tr' /> <webctrl tag='td' idx='3' /> </column> </extract>

Hello, thanks but it didn’t work for me , <extract> <column exact='1' name='Column1' attr='text'> <webctrl tag='td' idx='4' /> </column> </extract> returns a single column but i want to return 2 columns

@MasterOfLogic Follow the below steps

  • Once you indicated the column using data scraping, you can see an option called Extract correlated data

  • Click on it and do the same steps (that you follow for previous column) for another column that you want to extract. Output should look like below one

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