How do i create an automation website login with a validation code/number

Good day Uipath expert out there, i am a newbies with no background of Uipath. Just went through some youtube learning and using a free edition of Uipath software.

I was trying to configure to automate login to a local website which require an username & password. Apart of it, the webpage also generate a different 4 digit of number of code each time visit the page.

I am struggling to create a process to automate copying this code and input the website.

Appreciate if someone can help me on this. Many thanks. Regards. Edmund

Hi @itfirsttech

Welcome to the community!! :smiley:

So your four digit code, is it a captcha code or something like that which we see when signing in to web sites? or is it just a four digit? Can we see a screenshot?

DId you try to capture the code using Get Text activity? If that doesn’t work you can use Get OCR text

if you can share a screenshot of your code, that would be great to understand which activity to use as the best one.

Hi @itfirsttech
Welcome to UiPath community!
I believe the best way to start your UiPath RPA journey is to learn the basics to advance in UiPath Academy.
You will appreciate UiPath more when you learn it there and from scratch.
Thank you!

Sorry for late reply, i am still in-progress to complete the Uipath foundation learning. As of now, we may on-hold this issue.

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