How do i copy excel cell data and paste it into a csv file? Help!Help!

Hello There,

I have a Macro enabled excel file from which i want to pick up a particular cell info paste it in an existing CSV.
FOR EXAMPLE, i want to copy the number (239468) under column B of macro enabled excel file along with the headers and paste it in csv file.

Which activity should i use? Kindly advise.

Hi @HD001

Use read csv and use for each loop

And then use write csv


Thanks Ashwin, but please advise how will read CSV help ? As my original file is an excel.
Below is the my process flow

  1. Open macro enabled excel file
  2. Click refresh button (Macro)
  3. Copy column B
  4. Open CSV and paste the column

Appreciate a help!

Can any one please help

Hello @HD001,

you can use “Read Range” and “Write CSV” activities for that.
If you need to run your macro first you can use the activity run macro before Read Range.

Attached a little example. (Main.xaml (5.5 KB))