How do I click one by one in table format?

Hello community,

I’m working on desktop application and there is an scenario I have to click on get mail option which shown in below image column name is ( Generate ) I have to check column name (lock status ) where is pending in status then it will go and click on get mail



Use for each ui elemnt and indicate the whole row and in filters use contains Pending

Now inside loop use find children with currentelement as input and filter as and select descendants

next activitiy will be click with outputofcildren(0)


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Hi @suraj_gaikwad

First you can extract the data using table extraction, then loop the data and check If Column(“LockStatus”).ToString.Contains(“Pending”) then get the index of that value and pass that value in click actvitiy where you have to click on generate mail

Naman Jain

For ui element is not working @Anil_G

I tried this already but it’s click on first row if sent or pending


Then use tabelrow property to change the rows

and table col to get required column values