How create arguments automatically when extract activity as workflow?



I have a sequence and a String variable with its scope. When I click to “Extract as Workflow”, it creates a new file .xaml with this sequence but it does not transform this variable to an argument, it leaves it as a variable. As I understood from the documentation it must do it automatically. Could you tell me what is wrong?


Hi @antonina,

When we have extracted a sequence as “Extract as Workflow”, all the variables in current task will become arguments to the extracted sequence and we can click on import arguments which in turn will generate the arguments from extracted work flow, we need to simple mention In/ Out and passing values from Main to extracted …thats it…


I do the following:

  1. I have a sequence in Main workflow. In Variables I have a variable “testArg” with the scope of this sequence.

  1. Click Right on Sequence > Extract as Workflow > create a new diagram “testDiagram.xaml”

  2. In Arguments there is nothing, in Variables too

  3. In Main flow I have Invoke activity now. When I try to import argument, there is nothing


First once you extract that as workflow, click on “Import Arguments”, then it generates arguments automatically,




I am also having similar problem, and actually during the training under Lesson 13 Practice 3. I use the “Lesson 13 Practice 3 - Recording - Resource”, and when I extract the workflow as instructed, the sub workflow was created but the variables did not pass as argument. In the Main workflow, when I try the “Import Arguments”, again nothing is imported.

I did not make any change to the variabes: H, Dd, Dd1, and left them as GenericVariable type and global under “Recording Sequence” scope.

May I know if I have missed any steps ? Thanks.



You didn’t miss anything.
You did perfectly fine.:slight_smile:
It’s not creating any argument in child workflow which it supposed to be.
@ovi any suggestion .


Hi, any news on this topic? I have exactly the same problem. @ddpadil, what do you mean by “you didn’t miss anything”? We can’t import any arguments.




I’m currently working of lesson 13 exercise 3, in which Uipath RPA Academy says sth like Uipath automatically creates arguments from the variables in an extracted workflow(I read this in Japanese).
However, it does not create variables, nor could it find anything when I clicked “import arguments” in the original WF, even after I recreated arguments in the extracted WF.
I have already checked similar topics about this problem, but no one seems to have found the root cause.

So my questions are,
Why does this happen,
and how can I solve the problem? ;

Is there anything I need to activate or pre-download to let Uipath automatically create/import arguments? or do I have to type everything manually again?


is there anyone can solve this problem?
i got same problem too.
is this any problem in Package or UIPATH version sth?


Hello All,

Thank you for bringing this up. We will be improving this behaviour sometime in the near future. For now please manually set in/out arguments after you extract a sequence using “Extract as Workflow” feature.