How could I establish steps to automate this workflow?

Hello guys.

The workflow is bot has to click on every button in the menu but sometimes this kind of an error might appear so if that happens the bot has to be able to click again.

I’m thinking about using a click activity and then putting a try-catch block.

Inside the try-catch block, put an if-else block. Inside the if I’m not sure If there is an activity to read the browser test and how to continue that.

Plus, there is another scene of the bot saving data and then clicking on “Grabar/Save” button this kind of error appears because of a long time to save, so the bot has to insert all the data again and click save, would it be possible to re-do activities or to automate this workflow?

error :

Any ideas about what activity to use, thanks.

Hi @pprin001

Use retry scope activity with condition to check for this error and retry


Hello @pprin001

As suggested you can try with Retry scope activity. Another approach is to use Element exists activity and then use an condtion block. If element present then continue else, put the logic to the previous condtion.