How Copy a code from a file and paste in the inspect section of website in a web browser

<!-- // client ref no -->
<input name="EmaratechSG_Theme_wt665$block$wtFormContent$SmartChannels_Application_CW_wt569$block$WebPatterns_wt9$block$wtContent$wtContent$wtinptClientReferenceNo" type="text" maxlength="20" id="EmaratechSG_Theme_wt665_block_wtFormContent_SmartChannels_Application_CW_wt569_block_WebPatterns_wt9_block_wtContent_wtContent_wtinptClientReferenceNo" tabindex="0" class="OSFillParent validator-already-applied SmartInput SmartInput_Changed ReadOnly" origvalue="111" value="smart 2">

This is a part of my code. I need to copy whole code and paste in the inspect section of web browser to replace contents.

Can someone please help me with this

Hey @Kevin_Palathuruthy

What I understood is you need to place this input element into a web app.

So for achieving this we have Inject JS activity which can be used.

Kindly try and let us know if any other issue.