Get value using jsCode

Hello !

I want to extract value from a web site using js code, how can I do this plz ?


in general we would do it with get text instead of using Javascript.

For doing it with javascript have a look on following acitvity:


thanks for your answer, I have already seen this example it is not the same for my case, in fact I can not see the file inside .js.

I tested several methods I did not manage to do a good scrapping, the only thing that I found ideal is to do the extraction using the .js script code

The example should help you to start with the activity. You can modify the javascript as by need

Had you check the download example result:

Should be a challenge on selector. Maybe you can share some more details (url, screenshot, F12 Webtools snippets, UiExplorer details…) with us. Thanks

Thanks for your answer, you can check the URL Annuaire des organismes de services à la personne | Services à la personne (

I want to click on the button circled in blue ,and do the scraping, then go back and click on the next one .

I have several “divResult” ,divResult0, divResult40…

By knowing your other post kindly Note:
URL is not loading (network timeout) a page similar to your screenshots. Maybe you can recheck? Thanks