Hi All ,

I try to do like this example

but i want to write the value in search box , how i can do that ?


@coder Please find the code below. I have done this using chrome browser. (263.0 KB)

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hi @Manjuts90

Thank you i will try that


It is not working with me , it is only open the browser but not write the value


  1. open chrome browser search for
  2. right click on browser and click on option inspect/inspect element.
  3. click on console option in new window
  4. insert document.getElementsByTagName(“input”)[3].value=“value”(input.js) and click enter, check value is inserted in search box or not
  5. if 3 in [3] is not working, check by inserting other from 0 and check
  6. you can do same kind of testing for other statement(it is used to click the search button after entering value) also.

Thanks it is work now , when i sign out

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@Manjuts90 if i want do same thing but in this website

Spotify – Web Player

how i can do that ? because i cant inspect/inspect page

could you help me in that please


@coder Without inspect the code, i also don’t know how to do it. Might someone help you on this.

Hi @Manjuts90

Thanks for your help , i will search more and ask other people

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