How to add dynamic selector for webpage links in selector under 'Target'

I want to click multiple links of webpage through Datatable where links are present.For that scenario I need to add dynamic selector in the ‘Selector’ under ‘Target’. If someone have examples matching this scenario please upload. Provide details about how to make webpage links as dynamic so that it gets clicked through loop one by one.

You need to find the pattern of the selector first to get the linked to be click.

“<webctrl tag=‘A’ Href=‘test’+Counter.ToString+’ />” suppose your counter is getting increment by 1 after every click then in this way you can do it. Or if you can post the actual problem with screenshot it would be helpful to find a solution

I am here adding screenshots of two link properties.Also i have paste two property links. Please give a solution to make the links as dynamic selector so it gets clicked one by one in a loop.

First Link properties

Second Link Properties