Get Active Window and Show Window activity variable

Hi everyone!
I am new to UiPath and I am creating a sequence where I want to get a window which has to be on the foreground. When I run the process I have several windows open (different programs) and I need to bring SAP to the foreground. To solve this I found the Get active window and Show Window activity but Show Window needs a windows variable and I don’t know what kind of variable it needs or what a windows variable actually is to be honest :sweat_smile:
I looked up some tutorials on YT and some topics here in the forum but they didn’t really help.
Does someone of you guys a have solution?
I would be very grateful

Kind regards :blush:

Hello, Welcome to the community, I hope you will find all your answers here.

I strooooongly recommend to learn what variables are because you will need it.

You can use attach window, and them click on SAP. It should bring SAP to the front.


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Thanks for replying!
Alright I’m going to have a look at them.
Yeah sometimes it works, sometimes not :smiley:
Would this work on other’s laptops/monitors?

Please , look at your selector, cause if window name is different it wont work.

Good point!
I will try it out. If I still have questions I will come back :blush: