How can we run the macro in word document using uipath

Hi Team,

I have the macro to delete empty rows in word document ,and the same i want to run using uipath.
I didnt find the correct solution in forum.

Please help here.
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I dont know how much is it useful to you but you can do like this
Assign shortcut key for macro

Then in word Application scope you can use hotkey to run that macro.

Hope it will help you!!!

Happy Automation :blush:,

Prathamesh Patil

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Hi @ImPratham45,

Thank you for your response.

Cutomize Keybaord ,how can i get this?
My macro ,i want to run for multiple files.

This will work only if that file has this macro!

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Hy @RajeshT,

You could try to use some vba in Ms Excel to call this macro. I have done some work on it.

Could you share me your file so I can take a look at it?


Hi William,

I am doing replace text validation in word file,after that i find some empty rows in table in word file which i want to delete that using word macros
File i am attaching here.Word File.docx (22.1 KB)

As there are options for macros to in excel using Invoke VBA and Run Macro.
Hope it will come in future for Microsoft Word :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Hy @RajeshT,

Please send me also the macro you want to run so I can try to connect all the docs togheter.


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Hi @William_Blech_Sister,

Here i have attched the macros.
Delete All rows.txt (416 Bytes)

Hi @William_Blech_Sister,

Any luck?

Hy @RajeshT,

Could you please add me to your linkedin so we can talk some more?
My name it is easy to find


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The execute macro activity does not solve your problem , try it once

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Hi @avejr748,

Can you able to help on this?

Hi @RajeshT, why not modify the code for your previous word problem from here Word File formatting missing after trim the file - #3 by RajeshT?
I believe it is quite same. I am not fond of macros anymore due to the security restrictions imposed by windows to it.

Hi all,

Here I have explained about

  • how to execute the word macro without parameters
  • how to execute the word macro with parameters

Thank you


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