Excel Macro with MS word document

Hi All,

I need help on writing excel macro to work with MS word document.

The requirements are below:

1.Open word document through excel macro

  1. Remove bullet symbols along with its next name (Example wherever in the document we have <><<3 character Spaces>><>. Example is below:

<> UiPath 1

  1. I need to select particular content on word document and needs to delete it. The example requirement is as below. We need to start selecting contents from Community Forum2 to OCR engine 3.


Community Forum1

Users 1

OCR engine 1

Community Forum2

Users 2

OCR engine 2

Community Forum3

Users 3

OCR engine 3

Community Forum4

Users 4

OCR engine 4

Macro is my only requirement. We do have MS Word related activities with UiPath , I have tried those as well. Due to less time and multiple other benefits, I need to implement only way of writing excel macro to handle above requirement with MS word document is the only option I have now.

Hi @Karthi_M

Checkout this


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Hi Sudharsan,

Thank you for your reply.

It is difficult to download custom activities as my client has many restrictions. Any other solutions do we have?.

Okay @Karthi_M

Checkout this video and try like this