How can we read a particular variable data from browser?

Hi All ,

I want to read date from my page . When I am login in a web page , there is a data showing filed for next polling time . Ex: "Next Poll 12:30 AM " . The time will change in every minute(Position wont change). How can I read this value ? When I am used getattribute showing some error. I think the reason is the selected area’s value is changing.

You’ll want to inspect the selector (using UI Explorer) for the element that shows the value you are trying to retrieve and store. If it is changing you’d need to find someway to parameterize the selector to find the target element. Keep in mind that the value displayed may change (as may some of the attributes of the element) but you might still be able to find a static selector that works to consistently get the correct element on the screen. If you are trying to get text from the web page the “Get Text” activity should be what you’d use once you have the selector identified.

I can’t get more specific without more details on what you are trying to accomplish. Hope this helps.