Extracting word form the screen scrapping

I wanna know whether we could extract the certain word form the screen scarping result ?
i am not sure about that, i guess screen scrapping result comes in image format.
if we can, please let me how can it be done.
Thank you

Hi @swathi_sakthi ,

Is the data that you want to extract present in an Image ? Is it not a digital text that you can copy and paste directly ?

No, Sir i want to extract some text that already on the screen scrapping result . I wanna know is that even possible?

@swathi_sakthi ,

If there is a definite pattern that is followed for the text that you want to extract, then yes it should be possible.

Provide us with example data and let us know what you would want to extract from it.

Actually it’s just thoughts and doubt that we can do something like this. However, i will let you know when i did it in the future sir.

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