How can makes the loop the IE

before the talk i’m sorry and i can’t english not good
my ask is
first auto click the row button.(button is go to the next page)
and Get information convert to the text and save in the excel.
next action is back to the before page and
click the next row button

i want makes this work on the loop
but I got an error.
error is System not founds exeception
how can i solved it ?

Hi Elysium,

Could you paste a screenshot of your error here?


loop the this work
1st,3rd is click the rows buttons and next button
2nd,4th photo is get information convert the text
this photo is example
error is come to the 1st photo


Please attach your xaml file


sorry it’s not myproject
i’m only assist this program
and we solved some problem
and other problem is how can use the tablerow=‘(this)’
(this) in the increase number
we use the gettext activites.
and information from the website.
but how can i don’t know use a tablerow.
i search this forum and i do it thats.
but call the error ,and “” are auto convert &quort;.
originally convert the like this ?

I can’t understand you very well, but looks like it might be helpful to use the tablerow=‘x’ part of the selector to select the next row.

If you click on the “Selector” text box in the properties (without clicking edit) you will notice that the selector is in a string such as “< tablerow=‘1’ >”
So, you can edit that to change the number to an INT variable such as
“< tablerow='”+variable+“’ >”

Then, you can increment that variable in a “Do While” or “For Each” loop using an Assign activity, like

Now, it will select the next row each time you increment variable by 1.

Hope this is understandable and helpful. :grin: