Increment row looping how?


How do I make For each row, increment ?

For example of my process,

  1. loop each row, inside 1 cell contain A info → Key-in A into “Name” text box inside system.
  2. Increment the loop (I don’t know the expression to write)
  3. Read next cell contain B info → key-in B into “Age” text box inside system
  4. Increment loop again
    The process stop once the bot scan cell in excel is empty.

The problem is the bot keep key-in A info in every text box inside system. And then start key-in B inside every text box. For example,
Name: Ali
Age: Ali
-----second loop—

The fixed should be
Name: Ali
Age: 21

Sorry for the long essay, truly appreciate for the solution. If can provide solution using each item, I truly appreciate since I use “Output data table” convert datatable to string for ease used.

Referred excel example:

please try to explain clear , what is your expected answer?

Assuming the page (since I cannot access at the moment), the flow should be like this:
It key-in data and click the button and repeat the process until information in excel finish. So the process will stop at “Sifu”.

use for each row activity

row(“Name”).tostring will give you name

row(“Age”).tostring will give you age

note. in for each row activity change “currentrow” into “row”

It says (Column “Age” does not belong to table DataTable) error

Give the correct name and while reading enable header , check name is correct or not by debugging


Firsty read your excel with read range.

Also return a datatable for. Here CurrentRow(0).ToString will give you the name.
will give the age.

In the same for, enter this value with Type into.


Thanks, theres was some space inside the cell, appreciate a lot. Cheers

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