How can I use data scraping with the activity filter data table

Hi guys,

I have a mistake with my robot when I want to use the activity “filter data table” after a
data scrapping

How could I resolve this mistake, Thanks

@Josimar_Leandro_Ortiz_Pas, I think that the issue here is the io_dt_TransactionData

I see that it is an argument, so make sure that in the before workflow, the argument contain the data, be sure that contains the these headers, etc.

Try filtering this table also in the before workflow, maybe you will see the mistake :slight_smile:


I guess previous workflow (Where you are doing Data Scraping) not generating any output or you didn’t arguments properly there. Can you please click on Import Arguments of that workflow and share screenshot of it. So that we can check and help you.

Look at this



I need to filter from “config (Excel)” "WI5 and Status “Open”

I can see that Io_dt_Transaction contains data and the headers is the same. I don´t know what is my mistake.



It looks ok. Can you print the below expressions using Message Box activity before Filter DataTable activity and check whether it is giving any output or not.




I guess you didn’t pass any value to in_Config argument here because of that you are getting this error.

And one more thing this Data scraping should be in Init state but not in Get TransactionData state. In Get TransactionData state, we will read one by one item from Input source and pass it to process state.

Oh I got it, I´m going to try to resolve this mistake with your advice

Thanks for your help

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I´m trying to get a Uipath certification, called “Practice with ReFramework” and I just trying to follow the guidance. For this reason, I have data scraping inside of both Init and Get transaction

I´m a little confused

Hi @Josimar_Leandro_Ortiz_Pas

The Init state is for initialisation - you shouldn’t be getting transaction data in this state, instead, you should get your transaction data through each iteration, or, if you are using datarows, you should get the datatable and use an index. Ensure you are passing in the Config dictionary into the GetTransactionData workflow.

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Thanks for your help