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I have a bot that’s scraping a html table with pagination using “Data Scraping” , the scraping part looks like is working and i am printing to a csv file to visually see its working. I want to then filter that data table to display only “Column value of state to TX” and “column value of board action to Yes”, You can see my filter in the above image . I am only getting one set of data with this filter, it should be around 6 (six people). In the filter i am using column index now and using operation “contains”, I used column name and “=” operation also to see if that would work, no luck . plz help. Here is my project - Dropbox - beyond-compliance - Simplify your life

@Jay_Chacko - pls provide column name in the column field with quotes (like “State”)

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@Jay_Chacko Can you check this workflow , I updated a Bit :
DataScraping.xaml (13.2 KB)

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what did you change, i couldn’t tell the difference

i tried that first , then changed to the index. I also tried “=” instead of contains

@Jay_Chacko Did it work :sweat_smile: ? Also there were two Attach Windows in your first workflow.

I think it’s a website problem.
Your workflow works well except scraping first page. But that’s not critical and there is ONE data.
But when i set “Status” to “TX” and search in web, there are more data that is not found in Excel

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