How can I translate English RPA 概論コース

Hello Teams,
I’m trying to start learning RPA course as beginner.I was instructed to learn three types of courses from UI path academy by office (Japan).


UiPath Studio開発入門コース

UiPath Studio開発初級コース

I checked out those all courses but it was all Japanese.I want to study with English.How can I convert it?Please give me advice.

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Hi @Daffodil,

After login to uipath academy,

Step 1: Click your profile icon in top right corner of the home page.

step 2: Click the First Option under drop down menu.

step 3: You will get this page below. Scroll down little bit and change English in both boxes.

step 4: Scroll up little bit and click the update button.


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hi @kadiravan_kalidoss ,
Thank for your reply and detail explanation.

I’ve already update Account Setting part of training language with English.

I want to know one point which if I select Category with RPA starter,I saw four parts of courses inclusive Japanese Course like RPA概論コース etc. Can I change this Japanese course with English.

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Hi @Forum_Staff,

Please see the above issue, when we filter the course category with RPA starter, we are seeing Japanese courses also.

Please have a look. I’m also getting the same issue in uipath academy.


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It is indeed quite strange. Maybe there is some internal cache that still displays them after changing the language from Japanese to English.

For me it seems to be working fine:

I’d suggest contacting our Academy Support because they might have a better idea what is going on here and will be able to check the backend for any issues:

Of course, please try to check in an incognito tab in case the issue is caused by some local caching as well.


Hi @loginerror

Thank for your reply.
I think it relates with Region. When I filter with English, will also appear Japanese Course.I looked details Japanese course.It was same with English course.

Let me know when I gonna start learning as beginner,should I learn from Introduction to RPA and Automation Course and RPA Starter Course.And then can I build demo application in Uipath Studio?

Do you have any support like RPA development simple project in Uipath Tool?

Kind Regards,