How can I scrape data from a Instagram post?

Hello good people,

Any idea on how I can scrape data from a Instagram post.
I’ve tried to use data scrapping but it isn’t getting all the data.

Kindly advise.


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What data your are trying to scrape please highlight? @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus


Regular screen scrapping on social media apps is often a pain given the dynamic nature of the content. Instead I would strongly suggest to go through the API route, implementation is not hard but you will need to understand a few concepts. Below a few resources

What is a REST API? - YouTube

Consuming Web Services Explained | Lightboard Series - YouTube

How to do API calls in UiPath | Full Tutorial - YouTube

Instagram Basic Display API: Get a Users Posts - YouTube

Instagram Graph API - Instagram Platform (


Hello @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

Are you doing this as part of learning? Plz explain the use case in which you are trying to automate?

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No, it isn’t just learning it is a real use case.
The bot clicks on the likes and it has to scrap all the data of the people that have liked a particular post hope it is clear there.

Yep so in the window which displayed the data did you try performing extraction?

Thanks @Edwin_Barahona,

Am going to go through them and see whether they will help me.

Extraction using what?

I tried using data scrapping but it doesn’t scrap the entire data it only scraps the first eleven people who liked

Okay so I can understand it is due to the scroll thing present over there.

You need to build a looping logic to scrape few records scroll down and scrape next few.

This approach may help.


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Yes, have you tried extracting data from the window that displayed it?

might be this link help you below:

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