Get data from single social posts

Hi, I am pretty new in building automations with the help of UI studio. I would like to build a bot that automatically scrapes data from my social profile - and gets user data from selected posts. These come in some kind of table format (however, I don’t think it’s a table). Does anyone have any idea how to best do that? The bot would need to browse through e.g. the top 5 posts in a list and get from each post the number of views, likes etc.
The difficulty will probably be that you can hardly work with selectors as the elements - although of similar structure - change in appearance with every post…

Please support your example with a picture or video so that the image becomes clear and try to help you

Thank you for your quick response. Please find a screenshot below. This would be the first three posts. The data the bot should get are in the lower section - under the pictures.