How can i retrieve my publish process under Uipath StudioX

I’ve published a process from uipath studioX and is now under uipath assistant (thats perfect).
its working perfectly.

If I want now update a step in this process. How can i now retrieve the process? Where is it located?

Thansk in advance for your help.
This would be much appreciated.

@mce , Welcome to UiPath community forum.

Since you published it to the UiPath Assistant, it means you have the source code for the process. So fire up UiPath StudioX again, open that project, make your changes and publish it again.

It will be updated on your assistant right away.

Hope that helps.

Hi thank you for you answer. Thats clear but where Can I retrieve the project. I dont know where is it located. Is it somewhere in the c drive??

Thanks in advance for your help.

By default, UiPath creates the source code under your documents folder. I would check there.

Hello @mce ,

It is better to find the source file.
In not, the default location for nugget packages is here:

I hope it helps.


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