How can I repeat the "type into activity" with each time another value to be inserted? without copy/paste the "type into activity"


Instead of copy/paste the activity “type into” each time when I want to insert a new value, is there any solution to insert a list of values in the “type into” activity and repeat the same actions/activities for each values?`

see below example

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @mce

This could be done using For loop Activity.
what is the source of Data. (is it an excel file)

hi @mce

You can use For each loop activity. and if you type data into an pdf form or any other data source where the Tab function used . so instead of using various type into . you can use single type into and pass the variable into that and add another variable by using e.g. +Var1+ “[k(tab)]”.

Yes. the source of data are listed in Excel.

Not sure I follow you with the For Loop activity
How can I use the For Loop activity? Can you show me an example?

Thankd in advance for your help.


Hello @mce

Read the excel file into a Data Table using the Read Range Activity.
The output of the read range activity is save in a Data Table variable.
Now, you have to iterate through the rows of this Data Table, for this use For Each Row In Data Table Activity.
Inside this activity’s body insert the Type Into activity
The text that you want to type in is written in the cell of the excel file which has been read in a Data Table Variable and is now in iteration loop with one row at a time.
In order to access the row cell you just have to pass the index of the column (in data table index of column starts from 0)
so lets say in a row your data is in 3rd column then type CurrentRow(2).ToString, here CurrentRow is a temp variable that stores the Data Row in iteration. This name can be changed and it appears in For Each Row in Data table Activity. See the attached image below


inputDT - Data Variable which stores the excel file data (Same variable used in output property of read range activity)
CurrentRow(2) - Third column value of current row in iteration

Hope it help.
Thank You

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