I want to read this kind of complex captcha text ? I used GET OCR text and set scale properties as 2 but I couldn’t solve this problem?

Can you help me ???

how about OCR for Google ocr funcaitons ?

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I used all OCR properties of Uipath but as you see captcha is complex and Uipath can not recognize all lettter of captcha message. What should I do ? Do you have any alternative recommendation?

This type of captcha might be read with a more complex text recognition, try with abbyy

how can I indicate captcha element in this property (abbyy) ?Bianca can u connect with me via Team viewer ??


Abbyy is a stand alone program designed to recognise text, but it is not free source. You need a licence to use it and it charges each page of a document.

Nowadays I am developing robot product for ınsurance industry but captcha recognition is my problem to finish my work :frowning: Is there another alternative to abby ?? Bianca?

Depending on the client requirements, you can make the robot attended and every time a captcha recognition is encountered, a human user can be notified and manually he must insert the captcha code. This is not the best practise, but is the only one that doesn’t involve additional costs. I had the same problem and this is the solution that was agreed with the client.

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What kind of captcha problem did you encounter? We are using this area like whatsapp :slight_smile:

Can u provide e mail or linkedin ??