How can i read a specific page from an pdf file?

Hello Guys,

I have some pdf files and i want to read a specific page from those pdf files i.e. one pdf file contains of total 5 pages and i need to read only 2 page. So, how to do it…?

Bellow are the sample files _
2171980462.pdf (766.6 KB) 2171980466.pdf (1.2 MB) 2171980470.pdf (250.6 KB) 2171980472.pdf (619.5 KB)

Thank You


Use Read PDF Text Activity and specify range as “2” to read 2nd page.

Yes you are right but the page number is not constant. In this case how can i pick that particular page ?

Hi @mitradev_das,

Can you please elaborate if you have any particular condition of which page that you have to extract?