How can I open 02 application respectively

I have a question that I need to open 02 applications. 1st I want to open the BlueStacks application and on that application, there is an android application that I also want to open. can I can open the BlueStacks application through UIPATH and how I can open both applications after that I need to log in to my account to access my 2nd application for further process. (The BlueStacks App Player allows Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and macOS)
The 2nd application is installed on the below BlueStacks application.


HI @tayyabimtiaz1

Have you tried with start process for Bluestack app
and click activity for the application inside the bluestack app


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yes i have tried but the application has ended automatically don’t know why.

You can follow the below steps to use open application activity to open any application in the computer.

Hi @tayyabimtiaz1

  1. First, open the activity you want to add to the workflow open application activity.
  2. In the open application activity, click on indicate on screen, then indicate the window of the application you opened. It will automatically get the properties of the application and locate the exe file of it.

That’s all you have to do.

Or else, you can use the Start Process activity to start an application you want.

I can open the first blue stack application but the 2nd application is installed on Blues stacks which is an android application and how to open that sub application ?

After opening the Blue stack App use can try with Click Test Activity to open the another application.

Can you share the Screenshot pf your workflow @tayyabimtiaz1


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