Uipath Studio with Bluestacks

Hello, Please help me how to use Uipath Studio with Bluestacks Emulator. Thanks

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Hey @lehunglam I am really battling with this myself. The best I’ve been able to do is click on regions on the screen but the popup of ads keeps throwing off the automation.

The other option is to use computer vision, this works a bit better but is suuuuuupppppeeerrr slow. I know it’s not much help, I’m still playing around. As I learn more I’ll add some feedback.

Hey ! any luck automating on Bluestack or any other emulator ?

Hey BlueStacks worked the easiest for me when I managed to turn the adds off. Scrolling is still a huge challenge which I am trying to get around but the rest of the activities I can mostly get right through CV or just normal UI Automation by selecting a region.

I discovered PhoneLink on Windows 10 and 11 a few weeks ago which I haven’t tried yet but it needs to be connected to a phone. Pretty cool features and it looks like it might be slightly easier to use but I haven’t tried it yet.