How can i move all .txt from a folder to another?

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i have a process that needs do move all .txt from one folder to another.
First i was deleting and it was ok but now i can’t delete them… i have to keep them in a folder.
How can i do that?


strTxtFiles [ ] = Directory.GetFiles(“Folder Path”, “*.txt”) - It will give array of text files.

Use For Each loop to iterate that array and then use Move File activity to move file to destination.

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You can achieve this in many ways. By simple invoke of PowerShell script or any other code. The simplest way I think is just make a process which will navigate to the folder, then will sent hotkey “ctrl+a”, “ctrl+x” and finally navigate to the second folder and do “ctrl+v” :wink:


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Kindly refer the below xaml that could help you to resolve the issue

movefiles.xaml (6.5 KB)

Hope this would help you
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one liner code to achieve the same would be Invoke Power Shell
with command text "Move-Item C:\Temp\*.txt C:\temp2" and IsScript property checked

  1. Use strTxtFiles [ ] = Directory.GetFiles(“Folder Path”, “*.txt”) that will store txt file as array.
  2. Iterate through array of txt file and use move file activity to move file from one folder to other folder.

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