How to Move .txt files from one folder to another folder

In this screenshot,
I want to move only the today date modified .txt files that starts with the name “New” from that folder to another folder.

try this solution

Sequence1.xaml (7.8 KB)

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and use for each activity
inside for each activity use move file

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Thanks a lot for the solution.

Hello @Praveen_Vs

Why dont you delete the entire files in the folder andkeep it as a prerequisite … Then when you download you can get only onefule which gt downloaded

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In production I’m moving that .txt files from the downloads folder to shared destination folder, so if i delete means other files will also be there in downloads folder.
Else is there anyways that while downloading the files & saving it directly to the shared folder instead of downloads folder ?

Else you ll have to change the default downloading folder

I can’t change the default downloads folder to shared folder, somehow it will interrupt other process, Thats why i opted to move that txt files,
After downloading txt files from browser & move it from downloads by current date to the shared destination folder.
In chrome browser is there any option like, while downloading the files, it needs to ask where to save the file?, Here i wil put my destination path.