How can I manage results of taxonomy tables and write in excel in different pages?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do some practices with document understanding. I have done to manage to get items and table by taxonomy and I took information from two invoice data with image. Anyway my question is when I wrote to results of these two data to table I want to extract them one by one. so that’s why I have used merge data table first with which ı created.

I have used this to merge data table one by one and I got that results

I want to extract them in each pages not together
so what should ı write in merge datatable? there is any linq code to help?

Hi Akin, when we merge data it’s stored into a single datatable variable that you are writing to a sheet and hence the combined data is coming in that sheet.

Now, what you could do is- clone your Datatable and apply filters on them to get corresponding data in two datatable variables then write these range to different sheet as you see fit.

  • DataTable newTable = originalTable.Clone()

  • Filter datatable activity

Hope this helps,
Sagar Rana


Actually after sometime I realized I didn’t clean that datatable so that’s why it was writing again together. I was easy thing but in that moment I was stuck because of forget. Thank you for help and answer to me.


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