Excel new line row

hi all

i have a data table and when i write it in excel file the data after guid split into other row
how can solve it to be in the same row

thanks all

Issue will be in your code. If the loop is running then it should save all the variables in that iteration in one line of excel.

i have tow data table with difrent colmn and i merged them and then write range

Definitely, there is some problem in the merging. You approach should be one loop should iterate through one and second loop should iterate through one and then store them into the datatable and then save the result in the excel file.

no thers no problem in merging

is there only going to be one row all the time?

yes jest one row

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use this module
Merge rows.xaml (12.0 KB)

pass in your original datatable, and it will output merged table

Example input


i solved it by using join datatable

thanks all

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