Increment the column

hi everyone
i’m working on an xml file and i want to write the elements that I received to an excel file
i wrote the first line but couldn’t write in the rest of the rows (my counter in the write cell didnt work)
(I want to write each element in its own column)
I have 3 elements for now name, ID and phone.

Hi @dlichten

Can you show a screenshot of what you are trying to do?

Here, what do you mean by elements? What sort of data do you have? Is it a datatable or some other type of varibale?

strings mostly
im open to suggestions about what is more efficient to work with
(i have a lot of variables in 1 xml file, i have couple of xml files in 1 folder)
and each xml file has the same variables that need to be written in the excel file

Hi @dlichten
you want to read all the elements in xml and write it is it correct?

ashwin S

to read its a lot work because u need to do an assign for each element in the xml file
but the write in the excel file is a problem
i tried to use a counter in the write cell “range” (“B4” + counter) didnt work
its suppose to run on all the xml files and write the values of each xml file to a new row (used a while for the check if there anymore files in the folder and the counter increment is in the end of the while (that checks the existing of more files))

Hi @dlichten
Based on the this xaml going to attach will get the values and print it in dictionary and then based on that you can use write range activity

ReadConfiguration.xaml (10.8 KB)

ashwin S

i downloaded the file and showed me missing activity
what package should I download to see it?

Install Uipath.Web.Activities from manage packages and try once
Or click on OUTPUT panel where we will be able to see which package is missing based on which we can install

Apart from this may I know how was the counter variable mentioned along the loop
Like is it incremented atlast with a assign activity like this
Counter = counter + 1

Cheers @dlichten

i tried to open the uipath file u send
and it crashes my program (internal error)
and about the counter yeah its assign in the end of the while