How to count variable starting from 01,02 ..... 10 and so on

Hi Team,

I am stuck in a scenario where counting starts from 01. I have tried to put some logics but still did not get success. I want to increment a variable from 01 to 02 …10 and so on.

Kindly help in this regard.

Thank you

Hi @enthusiastic

Check out this thread


already ready this… But still unable to implement it.

Cn you tell us the login what you are going to archive? @enthusiastic

I am following the above mentioned post.

I have tried like this
intValue = Cint(“01”)

where intvalue is of type integer

Hi @enthusiastic

Check out this XAML file


IncrementTheCounter.xaml (6.4 KB)


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Hope the following sample helps you.


strNumber = (CInt(strNumber)+1).ToString("00") (2.2 KB)


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Hi @enthusiastic u can use counter
lets says
declare counter = 1
counter = counter+1
message counter
in the end u can use concat fro string to get 01,02 and so on

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