Dropdown Argument in Custom Libraries

Guys, i want to develop a custom activity on my custom library, where i can insert an argument like a drop down menu. Currently, i only know how to create simple strings arguments. Is there anyway I can create something like that on UiPath Studio and not in Visual Studio?




Use Input Dialog activity and pass array string to it and then it will show you drop down list.


Dont think you can… you will need VS and a property like an enum for that…

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Currently i already have a custom lib done with UiPath studio, is there any way i can integrate activities created in VS with the ones i already have created?

Thanks Laks, but i think u didnt understood the question


did you take a look at this article?

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This looks hopeful, I’ll check. Thanks!

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hi Materus,
I wonder if you have managed to do it ?

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Better late than never, right?
I just found out this today.

Workflow file with a string argument

Right click → go to Activity Layout

Here you can choose the argument and what type it should be, one of which is dropdown

Pick the values for the dropdown

Publish it and add it under manage packages in a new workflow
and voila a dropdown.

This is a little old forum post, maybe this was not possible when it was posted.
I just found this out today, hopefully it can help somebody else :slight_smile:


Holy crap you are my hero.

I really want them to make this for job arguments as well. Do you know if there is a way to do that as well?

Note - This new functionality is only available for projects with Windows compatibility. If a project uses Windows - Legacy, it will need to be converted first (we’re having to convert all of ours).

Which version of UiPath Studio is this working for? Still running 2022.10.4 but I do not see the option to choose Dropdown as an input type (?)

I suppose the project’s compatibility must be “Windows” for this to work.

I have created a new project and ensured that it is using Windows (not sure the old legacy is an option any more for new projects)

Did you create a Library project, instead of Process?

there was a small phase driven by removal / readdition this feature and Bugs when clicking on Activity Layout. Maybe you are affected by this

@Snorri_Arinbjarnar I had to login to my account to like this post. THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for this answer forever!