How can I group excel and copy them into a new sheet

Hi all, I’m working on a web extraction for extracting details of company from a website. Some the Company names are not exist. So for those company names I need to retry and then write the exception type onto a variable.
There is condition , don’t use retry scope . Somebody help please .

Once you extract the data in a datatable

You can loop through it using For each data row and check the name column is empty or not, if empty you can retry once getting the name from website then populate that element as per the result of retry


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In that case we can keep the sequence of activities inside a TRY BLOCK of TRY CATCH ACTIVITY so that if any exception occurs say for example if the bot couldn’t find data to be extracted for a company then it goes to CATCH Block where we can get the exception and assign it to a variable like this

str_excep = exception.Message.ToString

And selector System.Exception in the exception type

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Hi @Abhijith_NM ,

If its like searching the company name and extract the details,

Then check whether the company details page is loaded or not by using Element Exist activity, If output of this activity give FALSE that means that company is not exist.

And use Do while loop instead of retry scope.