How can I get the UiPath.Cryptography.Activities package in UiPath Studio?


I am trying to get the Community Activities into UiPath from their GitHub page. I am in way over my head. I am unable to find any documentation on this. It seems you have to create a NuGet package to do so. I have attempted this in Visual Studios but i get an error when I go to publish. I just need the Cryptography activities since it is no longer available in package manager by default. Does any one have a step by step on this or can simply point me in the right direction to just get the NuGet package?

Hi @Jcircuit13

You can use the UiPath.Cryptography.Activities Package. It is available

Hi @kumar.varun2

That was my initial though too! However that doesn’t show up for me.

Hey @Jcircuit13,

Check your feed is the url in that feed mentioned are checked.


it seems to be correct. I am able to see some of the other packages that are listed on UiPath’s documentation that are said to be listed in there official repo.

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Try also to add these sources in Manage Packages

unfortunately still no luck after adding those additional sources.

Create a Windows-Legacy process and try it there.

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That worked! Can you explain the difference between Windows and Windows-Legacy?

In simple words:

Windows-Legacy → it is a 32-bit Windows executable XAML. Uses .NET Framework 4.6.1. the compatibility used in releases prior to 2021.10. This is the default option.
Windows → it is a 64-bit Windows executable XAML. Uses .NET 6 (in Studio 2021.10.6 and later versions) or .NET 5 (in Studio 2021.10 versions prior to 2021.10.6) with Windows support.
Cross - Platform → it is a 64-bit Windows executable XAML with no platform dependency (will run on Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit). Uses .NET 6 (in Studio 2021.10.6 and later versions) or .NET 5 (in Studio 2021.10 versions prior to 2021.10.6) with cross-platform support.

More details can be found here About Automation Projects

Important note:

Studio 2022.10 will be the last release to support the creation of projects with the Windows-legacy compatibility. In Studio 2023.4, you will be able to create Windows or cross-platform projects, and only open and edit Windows-legacy projects created in previous versions of Studio. A migration tool will be available starting with Studio 2022.10 to allow you to convert Windows-legacy projects to the Windows compatibility.

Reference: Deprecation timeline

Thank you for all that info it was very helpful! So does that mean once windows legacy is no longer available none of the packages like the one I was having issues finding ( UiPath.Cryptography.Activities) will be available to use?

I assume until then or after that, we will migrate all the UiPath activities to be compatible only with Windows and/or Cross-Platform.

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