Adding package offline

I am trying to add cryptography package (Community.Activities/Activities at master · UiPath/Community.Activities · GitHub) to the project manually.
Within manage packages, I indicate the path to the folder “Cryptography”, pretty straightforward but I can not get it to work for me. As eventually, Cryptography activities do not appear in a dedicated section in UiStudio.

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Open the package manager and go to settings.

There you can set the name of a new source and the location where the data is fetched. This can be a directory on your hard drive (in this case Cryptography).

Thanks for your reply, looks like I have done the same, but it just won’t work as at the end I can not find those activities within Studio. To specify, I always select folder itself, not a particular file. How do you approach it?
Thank you

You should be able to specify the folder without pointing directly to the activity. Is the activity stored as a .nuget file? This is what Studio will look for within the directory.

That is content of .nuget folder:

That is Uipath.Cryptography.Activities content:

Seems there is no file with .nuget extension actually.

Here is the nuget package you are looking for:
uipath.cryptography.activities.1.0.6863.32236.nupkg (49.6 KB)


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