Unable to find "UiPath.Cryptography.Activities.EncryptText" package in manage [ackages

I need to encrypt one column values before adding them to the Orchestrator queue and need to decrypt after fetching it from queue. Have seen few previous answers found that package “UiPath.Cryptography.Activities.EncryptText” can be used to encrypt and decrypt. But I’m not able to find the package, and tried installing “System.security.cryptographic”, but didn’t find it helpful. Could anyone please help me with it?

Appreciate your response.
Thank you.


Go to Design tab → manage packages → all packages-> and search for UiPath.Cryptography.Activities and install it

And it has been now made open source you can get it from here as well

I tried it now and I could see the package and install it

And once after installing for guidance on how to use the activity have a view on this doc

Cheers @anuradha_puligoti

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can’t seem to find this package anymore ? whats going on here

As indicated the package is not offered within the Windows compatibility

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