How can I "get text" from a website and insert it into different cells in Excel?

I have created a loop, by using “For each Excel Row”, where I am typing information form an Excel into a website and I want to get the text from the website in different cells.

E.g. I receive the exchange rate for EUR and get the text in cell A1
I receive the exchange rate for USD and get the text in cell A2

The loop works perfectly, however I am not sure how to distribute the rates into different cells.

as you are reading the excel, you’ll get the data in Datatable. You csn add a column in the end of that, using Add Data Column. say you add a column ExchangeRate

Then, in the loop that you are using, whatever the data you need to put in that in the loop, you can simply put that using assign activity. row("ExchangeRate") = strExtractedData

You csn get the data from website, using Get Text or Get Attribute.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your prompt reply!

The problem is that the data is spread into different cells and columns and I do not have just one column with the exchange rates.

You need a datatable with two columns Country and Rate. As you read the rates, use Add Row to populate that datatable.

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Honestly that’s not a very well designed spreadsheet. Why not just have columns for ISO, Name, and all the Month End Rates, and then one row for EUR, one row for CHF, etc? This would make your automation much simpler.

so this is your input data?(referring to the screenshot)

that is not organized, There are couple of ways to go about thus.

organize that and get in a standard format, may be one after the other.

Read the data sheet for three columns first then leave one column and then another three columns, this csn be done using a counter and excel application scope. this way you’ll have all the data loaded only in the three columns amd then proceed with the processing.
This is recommended approach as it is processing the input data to standardize it and then we can proceed easily.

Hope this helps!