How can I get First Names from a Native PDF while it is closed? For now I used Get Text

But it only works when the pdf is open since it gets an element. I want to print them without opening this pdf. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance


You can working using installing PDF activities

If the pdf is text use Read PDF text activity, If it is image use Read PDF with OCR

Hope this helps you

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I agree with @Srini84 - it looks like it is not an image, so you should be able to just use the ‘read pdf’ activity. This will output the entire PDF as a single string though, so you’ll have to use string manipulation to pull out the piece(s) you want.

Based on the pic, it looks like you should be able to spit the string by environment.newline (split1), then split again by a whitespace character (split2). Then take the first string in split2, which will be your first name. You’ll want to skip the first string in split1 though, because that will contain your header information. Also keep in mind that if the first name column contains names with whitespace characters that this method would not work

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Thanks for the answer, its actually more complex than that