Gettext from PDF without opening the file

I have a requirement to gettext a particular field from a number of pdf files in a folder.

if the pdf file is open then it is working fine. But when the pdf file is closed. Its showing error. It is unable to get that data.

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Can you first check if this answers your problem…

Thanks for reply.
This is not exactly the problem is.
The problem occurs when I’m trying to gettext a particular field. Like Invoice number from each pdf.
In that case, the file has to be opened otherwise it is showing error.

Does it work for other pdfs?
Can you send a sample file that doesn’t work for you?

Following this as I have the same issue. I have an “Unprocessed” folder, with PDFs, that I need to loop through, extract fields to datatable, then append to an excel. The process doesn’t work unless the file is open and I haven’t found a good method of opening each file at the beginning of the process, as I can’t predict the file name.

I need the answer to this question please