How can I filter dates in excel by date type?

hi guys, i need to do a project for my internship. I have an excel file and this file contains date type data. I will write a date in this excel file in an input dialog window and it will filter the dates from the date I typed to the last date along with its line and print it to a new excel file. My problem here is that the data in the excel file is of date type and I cannot compare the date I wrote in the input dialog with the filterdatatable.

my excel file alike this(dates in date type in this excel file not string !)
“Dates” “Datas”
10.06.2021 sample
11.06.2021 uipath

31.07.2021 sample2

@Burhan_Yucel - Is it possible to share a sample sheet and your filter condition??

I am a new user and ı cannot upload attachment. I wrote my excel sheet under my comment. And my filter condition is, if I type into the input dialog “25.06.2021” the dates are will filtered from my input date to last date (31.07.2021) in the excel sheet please help me.